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Exam Exemption Guidelines

Comprehensive Final Examination Exemption Guidelines

Good student attendance enhances learning and equates with academic achievement. When a student is not in school, he/she misses valuable instructional time and opportunities to apply learning in classroom activities. For this reason, the Board established comprehensive final examination exemption guidelines focused on encouraging student attendance and academic achievement.

  • A student will earn the option of exempting a comprehensive final examination if one of the following minimum criteria for attendance and academic achievement is met:

Course Average                Course absences (No more than)

90.0                                                         3

80.0                                                         2

70.0                                                         1

60.0                                                         0

  • A student who earns exemption status has the option to take the comprehensive final examination to raise the final grade average for the course.

  • The comprehensive final examination grade will count 20% of the student’s final grade.

  • Absences due to approved school activities will not count against course attendance.